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Body Rub Specialist 


Touch The Body, Calm The Mind, Heal The Spirit 





Table Rub

The Milking Table allows you to experience a
relatively passive role. You cannot do much here as you are lying on your stomach, surrendering yourself entirely to me- your masseuse.

Here, with the weightlessness of your body, relaxation feels pleasurable.

60 min/ $400

(only available when touring)

90 min/ $500

If preferred hot stones available 

free of charge 

 Nuru Rub

By far my favorite massage experience. Think of it as an adult slip and Slide. Nuru which means Slippery in Japanese. The main ingredient is seaweed; grapefruit extracts aloe Vera and chamomile. It is clear, has a neutral taste and is slick.The entire experience is somewhere between holistic healing and exploring the limits of passion. This unique gel leaves your body looking and feeling sexy while it saturates you skin with vital nutrients.Preparing for your Nuru experience with a hot soapy, exfoliating shower, is a steamy way to get started. Once the massage starts its magic, the body on body, skin on skin contact is the closest thing to being one. This massage will leave you breathless and completely relaxed.

60 min/ $450

(only available when touring)

90 min/ $550

Nuru-Milking Blend

Why choose ? You deserve to be pamper like a King.  We will start with a Nuru Rub and end our time with the Milking Table. The Ultimate treatment.

2 Hours/ $750

4 Handed 


Why not double your relaxation with 2 Masseuse  solely focusing on you. Forming your body into our canvas. Together we'll choreograph slow, detailed moves of varying paces and pressures.

Social Occasions

Outside the Spa room you will find my wit and knowledge are intoxicating. For me, the perfect evening involves a few culinary delights in the best Japanese or Italian restaurants complemented by the finest red wine. My love of the finer things is balanced with a laid-back demeanor that makes you feel like you have known me for years. I love making an instant connection. Whether it's a day at the museum discussing Warhol pieces or enjoying the smooth sounds at a local Jazz Lounge. The possibilities are endless. 

2 hrs/ $500

Milking Table     

60 min/ $750

90 min/ $950


60 min/ $850

90 min/ $1050

Please add $50-100 for all outcall sessions if requested. ***

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